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Akson SC LLC offers services for applying SAP "BIURS", protegol,RPU-1001 and RPU1021,skochcoat and other polymers and mastics by airless spraying on shaped products, shut-off valves and pipes of various diameters for CS (DCS), NPS, re-insulation of the linear part of gas and oil pipelines, etc. Yekaterinburg, http://ckanural.ru https://ckanural.ru/sap_biurs_nanesenie_rashod_materiala/ https://ckanural.ru/ppu/ https://youtu.be/tHbeyUpKHlw https://youtu.be/2oLz7_LW4Zs Performs work on the device: monolithic, reliable, durable and high-strength roof, as well as repair of old roofing /by sintering/; anti-icing system "roof without icicles", heating of drains; anti-corrosion treatment of any coatings. spraying polyurethane foam, polyurea, liquid rubber sandblasting of metal structures